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Imagine logging onto Facebook and being a part of a community of bloggers who get it. A group of people you can talk about your blog with, run ideas by each other, get help, and grow! I wanted to create a Facebook group in addition to our forums because I love the element of (almost) live interaction you get on Facebook groups. It seems like everyone is always on Facebook (including myself).

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As this community has been growing, I realized that we needed a space where we could interact on a more personal level. A place where members could actually meet the people they are seeing in the forums! While you may not meet them in person, being able to connect with fellow bloggers on Facebook has been a game changer for me. As I mentioned in my last post, engaging with other people and growing your following on Facebook is important.

So every Thursday in the group, you will have an opportunity to post a link to your Facebook page. You are not required to like any blogs that you wouldn’t actually follow- in fact I recommend against it. This won’t be a “follow for a follow” type of thing, that’s been done to death and it doesn’t work. But I do want to give us all a chance to grow as bloggers, so when you join the group, you’ll be seeing some threads here and there for us to share our social media accounts.

I’ll be planning lots of fun contests and group challenges in the next few weeks to help you grow your blogging communities, so I hope you’ll join and be an active member! We don’t wanna do this without you!

Go to the Facebook group now!

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