The Passive Income Weekend challenge is a little thing I came up with while trying to motivate myself to create my passive income products. The whole idea of passive income seems like a no-brainer right? So why is it so hard to start?!

Maybe you’re like me, you have a million ideas, don’t have time to execute them all, and procrastination ensues.


Well, in the past 3 weeks I created 2 products, and have made $100 in sales! The products I made took me a total of about 24 hours to complete. So it’s not like I worked on them for the whole 2 weeks. I quickly realized that I’ve found a project that I enjoy working, and that sells! I want more of all of that.

So I decided it was time to get my sh*t together and start dedicating serious time to my passive income hustle. And here’s how you can join me. The idea for the Passive Income Weekend challenge is simple:

You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever other social avenues you want. Let’s make this a weekly thing. Start creating the products that we only have to make once, but will provide us with potential for long-term steady income.

As we track our progress every week in The Blog Loft Facebook group, I want to hear your stories! Successes, flops. What worked, what didn’t? If this grows into something that you guys enjoy, I’d love to feature some of your stories on The Blog Loft!

And for those of you who are interested, here are the 2 passive income products I created:

Social Media Graphics PSD Templates for Bloggers and Business Owners

So- I want to hear about your passive income plans for this weekend! Let me know in the comments, and you can also stop by The Blog Loft Facebook group and let us know (just remember to use the hashtag: #PassiveIncomeWeekend). You can also tweet me at: @MargoSDesign using the hashtag: #PassiveIncomeWeekend

Let’s like… you know, make this a thing…

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