How to make writing fun again when blogging

Ever get to the point in your blog when things just come so easy that it’s boring? (No? You’ll still want to read this)

You’re full of ideas, and so you try to get them all down as quick as possible. You’re killing it- you’re keeping deadlines and even ahead of schedule. So you sit back and relax, thinking that you’ve got this whole blogging thing figured out. But then, you go back and read your posts, you notice that that substance, the gooey center of what makes your blog your blog is lacking, or altogether missing. There’s no edge, there’s no story, and there’s not even any dumb jokes for your readers to laugh at. Just a bunch of bullet points and cliche phrases like “Have a social media strategy” or “When life gives you lemons…. (insert whatever variation of the saying here)”.

Blogging Can Be More Than Bullet Points, Lists, and Cliche Phrases. It can be an experience for your reader.

“But I write recipes!” you say. Don’t worry- you can keep your bullet points (in fact please do- I love bullet points!), they’re great for breaking up content and helping your readers find the important stuff. Just give us something more. There’s always a story. Even if your story takes place in your kitchen while you’re boiling water for the pasta…

(lay the scene, it was a sunny afternoon and you’ve decided to try out a new pasta dish)

Then you saw that spider and decided that the best course of action to avoid collateral damage would be to vacuum it up.

But while digging the vacuum out of the closet, unraveling the cord, and moving the couch to uncover the only 3-prong cord in your living room, the spider crept out of your sights. So you searched- vacuum hose in hand.

You became that spider- you got inside it’s head- and you hunted him down.

Then you victoriously sucked up that little arachnid, and returned the vacuum back to the closet like a proud solider returning his sword to his sheath after a hard battle. Only to discover that you overcooked the pasta.

See what happened there? I made a pretty typical, relatable story into an experience. Ok, so maybe it’s slightly exaggerated, but that’s the fun part.

These types of experiences are our stories. We live life everyday- little things happen to all of us- all day long. The fun part about writing is that you get to tell those stories and appreciate the most insignificant moments in life.

The reason we like the blogs we like is because they tell us our own stories.

Don’t feel like your story has to be something completely unique to you and only you, because the thing we like about your story, is that it’s our story too.  Who hasn’t had a battle with a spider? (Unless you’re pro spider, then I’m really sorry about this post). Find your own little spider battles in everyday life to write about. Exaggerate, make it fun, make us laugh. Dance monkey dance! It’s a hard thing to be an entertainer while you’re also trying to convey important information, but that’s how you make writing (and reading) fun again.

So when you sit down to write your next blog post- make it yours by telling us our story

The thing that makes it yours, is the way that you, and only you can tell your story.

And you have to push yourself, edit yourself, and re-edit yourself.

But that’s what makes the difference from someone reading a blog post, and becoming a reader.

How you can make your blog posts better (and fun to write):

  • Remember that we want to hear more than just the bullet points. We want to hear a story.
  • Take mental notes of things that happen to you during your day. Think of ways you can use them later as an entertaining part of your blog post.
  • Keep it short. A paragraph or two is all we need. We’ll be back to buy the book later.
  •  Write down your blog post ideas with an accompanying story idea.
  • Use descriptive, and vibrant language when telling your story.
  • Avoid clichés!
  • Remember- the more fun you have writing- the more fun your readers will have reading.


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