Great blogging community!

This awesome blogging community just keeps growing into more and more awesomeness every day. If I sound like a 13 year old school girl- forgive me. It makes me really happy to have a community of people who like… totally get me. Something I never had when I was a 13 year old school girl. But this post isn’t about me, or how big of a dork I was in middle school. This post is packed with weekend reading just for you, curated by The Blog Loft community. Oh, you’re not a member yet? Sign up in the red box at the bottom of this post and get in here!


A la carte scheduling: The Life of a Freelancer by Carolyn of Lipstick & Chiffon

My goal has been to create a balance between all of the dreams I am cultivating and having a social life and most importantly getting enough sleep.


How to Conquer Burnout Once and For All by Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity

Yes, I’m typing to you in my pajamas under a blanket on my couch next to a hot cup of decaf vanilla chai tea. The irony is not lost on me. But, I’ll say it again: A CREATIVE CAREER IS DEMANDING


Cultivating Creativity: You Are Not Alone by Kercia Jane of Kercia Jane

I am sure there are many other reasons we may feel alone during our creative journey, but I think it could be summed up to connection. When people aren’t connecting with us, it’s not hard to fall prey to feeling alone and we may tend to take that as a reflection of our work and its value.



A Blog is a Black Hole by Abria of Bee Splendid

The new generation of bloggers and those to come are walking in to a blogosphere where thousands of people are making not just full-time incomes from their blog, but incomes that put them in a tax bracket most of us can only aspire to. Running a successful blog involves more pressure than ever before, and that’s why it’s a black hole.


Photo Crediting by Katie of Twin Stripe

Everyone makes mistakes, especially in the fast paced world of blogging. Sharing other bloggers images and stories is a great way to create community, but mistakes can happen too.



Design Insurance: The Power of a Style Guide by Marianne at Design Your Own (lovely) Blog

After months of writing, designing, planning, redesigning, reading, studying, testing, banging head on desk, getting a glass of wine then jumping back in again, I FINALLY had my whole site exactly how I dreamed it would be.


Why Flash Websites Are Bad by Jess at Jess Creatives

No matter what industry you’re in, if you have a flash website, you should really consider re-doing your website. Here are a few reasons why…


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