Why blogging about everything is limiting you- lifestlye bloggers, I'm talking to you!

Lifestyle bloggers- I’m talking to you! In fact, I used to be one of you! I used to have a blog called Craft Pond where I talked about DIY, food, fashion, and whatever else I thought up at the time. In the end, the only part of the blog that I enjoyed was hitting the publish button and being done with it. Through that experience, I learned that I hate taking photographs of crafts, and I’m horrible at food photography. It was a really important learning experience for me- I learned that I loved writing, blogging, and helping others do the same. I love to talk about blogging, and business. Taking hundreds of photos to create a tutorial for a craft that takes 5 minutes to make? Not so much. I really admire DIY, food, and lifestyle bloggers because the amount of work it takes to create a post? That’s no joke!

I also learned that trying to do it all was limiting me as a blogger. I wanted to appeal to everyone and be on every platform. I (like many bloggers) wanted my blog to grow and be successful. I was getting a lot of traffic from my DIY posts, so I started to add in other things that didn’t really relate to my niche at all. In the end, all it did was undermine the things that I was actually good at.

For example: Fashion photography was a huge flop for me. I don’t know how to pose, and I don’t know how to direct other people to pose. But I kept doing it because that’s what all the big DIY bloggers were doing. In the end, my lack of vision for my niche caused the end of that blog because I lost interest and burnt out on the whole thing.

Not having a niche, taking the time to experiment with a lot of different things actually made me a better blogger. But in the end- I did choose a niche, stick to it, and get serious about it, and I have a larger, more engaged audience than ever. Not to mention a kick ass community of support behind me!

When you’re ready to grow your blog and find your niche, my advice is to take the time to learn what you’re good at, what you really enjoy, and what your readers respond to the most.

Blogging about everything became problematic for me because I started blogging about things because I thought I should, rather than spending more time on posts I wanted to write.  I fell into the comparison trap and lost touch with what I was doing, who I was doing it for, and why I was doing it.

Fast forward a couple of years later, to when I started The Blog Loft. In only four months, this blog has grown more than any other blog I’ve had in the past for one reason: I have a niche.

I don’t regret the time I spent experimenting. But I’m sharing my story with you because maybe you’re in that experimental phase too. Maybe you know you want to be a blogger. You want to grow your blog- but you’re just not sure where to start. So now, finally, I’m going to tell you what I did to find my niche. (It’s going to sound really simplistic, but that’s because it is).

Likely, you won’t need to talk about more than 3 topics on your blog- even though you might be passionate about a lot of things. When you’re ready to find your niche, the easiest way to gauge your readers’ passion is by asking them.

Send a survey to your email list, Facebook page, and write a blog post about it. Your readers will not be shy to tell you what they like (and what they don’t like).

More often than not, you’ll find that your readers’ interests are aligned with the posts you have the most interest in writing.

If you find yourself starting blogs, only to abandon them and get bored- chances are you haven’t found your niche yet- and that’s ok.  If you’re ready to get serious about your blog, but need help narrowing down your niche- join our helpful group of bloggers in The Blog Loft Facebook Group and let us help you out!

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