How to plan your blog posts- this method actually works

I’ve received a lot of questions lately about how I keep my blogging schedule, how I plan out posts, and how I do this without losing my mind. The truth is- a lot of times I go through blogger’s block. But I’ve developed a really simple system to create content even when I can’t think up anything to write about.

Here’s how I never run out of things to write about:

When I’m feeling inspired, I stop whatever I’m doing, and start brainstorming. I start by writing out my blog post ideas- then I go back and outline them. That’s it! It’s really that simple. When I’m feeling uninspired, but I know I need to write a blog post, I simply refer to my outlines and bam- before I know it I’ve gotten a full post written in no time.

The reason that outlining blog posts is so crucial to coming up with great content is because when you’re in brainstorming mode- all of those little ideas, and points you want to make are in the front of your mind. However- if you don’t write them down when you’re feeling inspired, you’re likely to forget them when you come back later and try to write a blog post.

So today, I’ve designed a free worksheet for you that will get you outlining your blog posts- so that when you come back to write them, your content will be already laid out for you!

Free worksheet to plan your blog content!

How to plan your blog posts free worksheet

If you want a way to get your blogging thoughts organized- I’ve created this super simple worksheet for you so that you can start outlining your blog posts, and get those ideas down as they come! Just sign up below to grab your copy!




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