Blogging community building challenge

Last week’s blog community building challenge was so fun, and inspired many of you to encourage each other by leaving a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog. This week, I was inspired by Kim’s post at Bear & Beagle Creative¬†¬†on how reaching out to our followers instead of sharing links all the time on Twitter can help us be more human and actually interact with our followers.

So today’s challenge is to be more of a human on Twitter. Start a fun, light, upbeat conversation. Ask your followers questions about themselves. People love talking about themselves.

I think there’s probably about 7 hours a day (while I’m asleep) that I’m not logged into Twitter. I love chatting it up with friends, and the ease of sharing information. I realized that I’ve been too focused on tweeting my links, re-tweeting others’ links, and tweeting links to things I find interesting. While sharing links is a great way to spark interest in your content, and help others out, I realized that I haven’t been engaging with my audience as much as I should.

So today is about putting down the links, and starting up a conversation. Keep it fun, lighthearted, and just be you. Try to bring this practice into your everyday Twitter routine, and your followers will appreciate being treated like humans- and they will notice you. If you haven’t checked out Kim’s more detailed post on this, I highly suggest giving it a looksy! It’s an eye opener.

Some tips for your community challenge today:

Tweets with images see twice as much engagement- use photos

Tweets with less than 100 characters see more responses

Use hashtags

Ask your question @ a specific person, on a subject related to them

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